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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0327-10327-01 (lost: dland01.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, Shawn Crosby, on Main Street USA.

0327-20327-02 (lost: dland02.jpg)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom line area.

0327-03 (lost: dland03.jpg), 0327-04 (lost: dland04.jpg), 0327-05 (lost: dland05.jpg), 0327-06 (lost: dland06.jpg), 0327-07 (lost: dland07.jpg), 0327-08 (lost: dland08.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez, Shawn Crosby, on the Car Toon Spin.

0327-90327-09 (lost: dland09.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Colleen Crosby on the Car Toon Spin.

0327-100327-10 (lost: dland10.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden at the Planning Commission.

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