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Heidi and Mike Keherly were married in Texas, where they live. Mike grew up in Southern California, and has many friends and family out here, so they came out for a visit in March and had an extra reception here.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0322-01 (lost: mikek01.jpg), 0322-02 (lost: mikek02.jpg), 0322-03 (lost: mikek03.jpg).
Heidi Keherly, Mike Keherly, Lynn Baden, and a beer stein. Many years ago, Mike Keherly went to Germany, and picked up an elaborately decorated beer stein. Somehow it wound up in Lynn Boston's care, and we kept meaning to mail it to him in Texas. Finally, after Lynn married Chaz, and Mike married Heidi, the beer stein caught up with him.

0322-40322-04 (lost: mikek10.jpg)
Buffet line. Mostly Greek food.

0322-50322-05 (lost: mikek11.jpg)

0322-60322-06 (lost: mikek04.jpg)
Dessert included baklava, chocolate rum balls, strawberries in chocolate "tuxedos", and a cake or two.

0322-70322-07 (lost: mikek28.jpg)
Heidi Keherly and Mike Keherly cut the cake.

0322-08 (lost: mikek31.jpg), 0322-09 (lost: mikek32.jpg).
Heidi Keherly and Mike Keherly.

0322-100322-10 (lost: mikek05.jpg)
Heidi Keherly, someone in brown, and Mike Keherly. Behind Mike: his Japanese grandma?
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