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0321-10321-01 (lost: lvparis.jpg)
"Paris Las Vegas" is next door to the Venetian, and across the street from Bellagio. It's a classy neighborhood, for the strip anyway.

0321-02 (lost: lvbelgo1.jpg), 0321-03 (lost: lvbelgo2.jpg), 0321-04 (lost: lvbelgo3.jpg).
Bellagio has this enormous pond in front, and every 15 minutes a musical fountain/light show goes off.

0321-50321-05 (lost: lvmodel.jpg)
One of the exhibitors at the show had a little mockup representing a hypothetical site to be secured. I also saw (not pictured) the same sort of thing in 3-D, in HO scale, at another booth.

0321-60321-06 (lost: lvpylon.jpg)
This movable pylon is called a "bollard" and it's manufactured by Automatic Control Systems of New York. Normally it would be one of several, mounted in the street. The parking lot of the Target store at Sepulveda Blvd. and Jefferson Blvd. in Culver City has a bunch of similar pylons.

0321-07 (lost: lvsiemns.jpg), 0321-08.
The Siemens booth was giving away white teddy bears.

0321-90321-09 (lost: lvapbio.jpg)
Applied Biometrics had a fingerprint reader hooked up to a Palm Pilot.

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