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Lori and Bill Knight threw a party at their house one afternoon. Lynn and I were invited.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0304-10304-01 (lost: lori08.jpg)
Gary Dunn playing video games in the living room. Bill Knight standing at right.

0304-120304-12 (lost: lori51.jpg)
Edward Deitman and Ray Martinez on the couch in the living room with the video games, with Zack Knight.

0304-02 (lost: lori10.jpg), 0304-03 (lost: lori09.jpg).
Rachael Innes in gray shirt and Lynn Baden in black shirt get a tour of the house. Lori Knight at right in flowered shirt.


0304-40304-04 (lost: lori31.jpg)
Bill Knight built this nifty bar in the back yard. Here he is, sitting in front of it.

Lynn Baden in black, Lori Knight in the flowered shirt, and various other folk are gathered around it. The red and white sign on the left says "Happy Hour Every Day! 12 Noon - 7 PM." Apparently it's an actual souvenir from someplace they went on vacation. papers.

Edward Deitman looking to the side, someone in a white cap, and Stephanie Hart. You can also see some of the booze on the counter, a bowl of chips and salsa, and some little shotglass mugs (shotmugs?) dangling from the rafters. The countertop of the bar is coated in resin, and embedded in the resin are bottlecaps and various souvenirs from their vacations, such as tickets and other small items.
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0304-70304-07 (lost: lori29.jpg)
Mona Bazinet.

0304-08 (lost: lori04.jpg), 0304-09 (lost: lori12.jpg).
Mona Bazinet, Edward Deitman with beer bottle.

0304-10 (lost: lori37.jpg), 0304-11 (lost: lori40.jpg).
Mona Bazinet, behind the bar.

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