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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Jeff Skaletsky, Jordan Brown for caption help on this page.

Opening the Presents

Crystal Schuette seated with baby Caitlin Schuette on her lap background left, and a room full of presents.

0300-20300-02 (lost: grnt091.jpg)
Sarah the Dog helps Grant David Brown and Kimberlee Brown open Grant's presents. Matthew (Shannon's son) background right.

0300-30300-03 (lost: grnt093.jpg)
Seated foreground left: Peggy Little, Rebecca Barber, Michael Mason. Behind Michael: Richard Mathews, Dawn Mathews, and Ray Mathews on the floor. Standing background left: Peter Edick, Scott Beckstead, Lorien Gray, Rebecca Lillienfeld. Seated in background: Tadao Tomomatsu, John De Chancie, and Steven Skaletsky seated foreground right.

0300-40300-04 (lost: grnt092.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu, John De Chancie, Cathy Beckstead, Ed Green, Liz Mortensen, Sherri Benoun along the bookcase in the background. Steven Skaletsky, Tina Marie Skaletsky, and Ashley Burge on the floor.

0300-50300-05 (lost: grnt094.jpg)
Steven Skaletsky and Tina Marie Skaletsky foreground left, Ed Green and Liz Mortensen seated in front of bookcase, Sherri Benoun hiding behind bookcase, Ashley Burge with balloon, Drew Sanders looking at Liz's handiwork, Bill Burge in shorts, Kimberlee Brown's head foreground right, and Jordan Brown with video camera.

0300-06 (lost: grnt098.jpg), 0300-07 (lost: grnt099.jpg).
Ed Green standing, Liz Mortensen seated, Mary Marks talking to Liz, Drew Sanders standing, Alex Chin background right.

0300-80300-08 (lost: grnt095.jpg)
Bill Burge in shorts, Jordan Brown looking down with video camera on Kimberlee Brown and Grant David Brown opening a pink package, Mary Marks seated background right.

Grant David Brown and Kimberlee Brown are surrounded by toys and discarded wrapping. Mostly toys.

0300-100300-10 (lost: grnt100.jpg)
Kimberlee Brown trying to take notes, Grant David Brown exploring another package, Helen Garey seated background left, Shannon Sculthorp seated right.

Whacking the Dinosaur

0300-11 (lost: grnt102.jpg), 0300-12 (lost: grnt103.jpg).
Piñata-cracking in the dark. Grant David Brown swings, Kimberlee Brown has a bigger stick, Jordan Brown on the right side, Patrick Beckstead on his knees next to the dog.

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