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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Jeff Skaletsky, Jordan Brown for caption help on this page.

0299-10299-01 (lost: grnt080.jpg)
Matthew Sculthorp(?) at left edge, Steven Skaletsky in green shirt w/blue stripe, Ashley Burge in light blue jacket at edge of table, Tinamarie (obscured by the dino mobile), Patrick Beckstead in blue and white baseball shirt, Dawn Mathews with necklace, and Ray Mathews in stripes at right.

0299-20299-02 (lost: grnt081.jpg)
Kimberlee Brown and Jordan Brown at left. Dawn Mathews in blue shirt with necklace standing behind Ray Mathews in horizontally-striped shirt, Billy Burge in grey shirt, Richard Mathews by window wearing vertical stripes, Grant David Brown on Peter Edick's shoulders blowing out his candles.

0299-30299-03 (lost: grnt082.jpg)
Patrick Beckstead foreground left, Scott Beckstead, Ed Green, Joyce Sperling, Cathy Beckstead, in line for cake.

0299-40299-04 (lost: grnt083.jpg)
Ed Green, Michael Mason.

0299-50299-05 (lost: grnt084.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu and Name Withheld in the corner.

0299-06 (lost: grnt086.jpg), 0299-07 (lost: grnt087.jpg).
Ed Green with a slice of cake.

0299-80299-08 (lost: grnt088.jpg)
Steven Skaletsky coming up from downstairs. Note adjustable "built-in" bookcases on either side.

0299-90299-09 (lost: grnt089.jpg)
Joyce Sperling, Mary Marks, and Sherri Benoun, eating birthday cake on the couch.

0299-100299-10 (lost: grnt090.jpg)
Name Withheld holding baby, Mischa Coleman, and Cathy Beckstead.

0299-110299-11 (lost: grnt097.jpg)
Jordan Brown holds someone's baby. Scott Beckstead relaxes on couch in the background.
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0299-120299-12 (lost: grnt101.jpg)
Peter Edick tries some of the goodies.

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