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Treasure Hunt

0297-10297-01 (lost: grnt058.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu seated left, Kimberlee Brown, Joyce Sperling behind Kim, Liz Mortensen, Scott Beckstead seated right. The ladies are conferring, preparing to (re)set up Treasure Hunt for the kids.

0297-20297-02 (lost: grnt059.jpg)
Scott Beckstead fiddles with his watch, Peter Edick holds a cup.

0297-30297-03 (lost: grnt060.jpg)
Peter Edick (obscured) sits at left. Billy Burge, Uri Parvool, Angel Benitez, Kimberlee Brown explaining the rules, Steven Skaletsky, Shannon Sculthorp.

0297-40297-04 (lost: grnt061.jpg)
They're off to find the next clue, hidden in or around the tree. Patrick Beckstead in blue/white shirt closest to dog; Ray Mathews in striped shirt at right, Dawn standing far right.

0297-50297-05 (lost: grnt062.jpg)
Patrick Beckstead at left, Ray Mathews in striped shirt, Uri Parvool in blue shirt, Tina Marie Skaletsky in green shirt with curly hair, Peter Edick in background heading back inaide, Steven Skaletsky in green shirt with blue stripe, Kimberlee Brown reading aloud the next clue and rephrasing it to make it more difficult, Angel Benitez background right, Joyce Sperling right foreground.

0297-60297-06 (lost: grnt063.jpg)
Joyce Sperling at left, Ashley Burge in background; Kimberlee Brown opens up the treasure tub. Tina Marie Skaletsky at right.

0297-70297-07 (lost: grnt068.jpg)
Peter Edick background left, Joyce Sperling blowing bubbles, Noel Wolfman background right.

Joyce Sperling gets a facefull as the Ashley Burge tries out a bubble-blower.

Peter (obscured) in background; Ashley Burge drains out her bubble-blower.

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