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Grant David Brown was 2 years old in February 2000. He and his folks threw a big party at their new house way out in Granada Hills, the one with the big back yard. Many guests, young and hold, came to the party. Kimberlee Brown, Grant's mom, asked me to take some pictures.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Jordan Brown for caption help on this page.

0291-10291-01 (lost: grnt001.jpg)
Leo, Tanya Skaletsky, and Ashley Burge.
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0291-20291-02 (lost: grnt002.jpg)
Jordan Brown in doorway background left, Alex Chin smiling, Shannon Sculthorp, and April Chin holding their baby Jake Chin.

0291-30291-03 (lost: grnt005.jpg)
Mischa Coleman, Helen Garey, Bill Burge.

0291-40291-04 (lost: grnt003.jpg)
Bill Burge.

0291-50291-05 (lost: grnt011.jpg)
Dennis Miller.

0291-60291-06 (lost: grnt006.jpg)
Dennis Miller, Peter Edick

0291-70291-07 (lost: grnt007.jpg)
Helen Garey in yellow shirt; Chaz Boston Baden wrapping a present for Grant.

0291-80291-08 (lost: grnt009.jpg)
Kim's Aunt Mary Marks.

0291-90291-09 (lost: grnt020.jpg)
Kim's Aunt Mary Marks. Scott Beckstead in the background, Kimberlee Brown on the phone.

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