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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0284-10284-01 (lost: gall021.jpg)
Steve Gattuso salutes (background left) as Edward Hooper passes with a bell cart.

0284-20284-02 (lost: gall022.jpg)
George McUrso sits, and Tadao Tomomatsu mugs for the camera.

0284-30284-03 (lost: gall023.jpg)
Emily Christensen at the "Locks of Love" table.

0284-40284-04 (lost: gall024.jpg)
Shaun Lyon assumes The Shaun Position.

0284-50284-05 (lost: gall025.jpg)
Kristine Cherry in the Ice Cream Social.

0284-60284-06 (lost: gall026.jpg)
Lynn Baden in the red and black hat scoops out ice cream for Edward Hooper (white lei).

0284-70284-07 (lost: gall027.jpg)
Greg Bilan, with ice cream.

0284-80284-08 (lost: gall028.jpg)
Anastasia Hunter and Colleen Crosby.

0284-90284-09 (lost: gall029.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Greg Barrett.

Mary Jane Jewell at the Art Show.

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