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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0283-10283-01 (lost: gall011.jpg)
Dan Spisak and German Gonzalez (pronounced "Herman").

0283-20283-02 (lost: gall012.jpg)
Karen Lorraine Venn.

0283-30283-03 (lost: gall013.jpg)
Foreground: Tony Benoun in hat, talking to Christian B. McGuire holding the bag. Background left: Bruce Pelz in white shirt, Robbie Bourget.

0283-40283-04 (lost: gall014.jpg)
Pearl Stickler, Anastasia Hunter.

0283-05 (lost: gall015.jpg), 0283-06.
darcee golden in a beautiful blue dress. Also with Mickey Mouse underwear.

0283-70283-07 (lost: gall017.jpg)
Joyce Sperling brandishing an ice cream scoop.

0283-80283-08 (lost: gall018.jpg)
Mary Alice Ladd dressed as Queen Amidala.

0283-90283-09 (lost: gall019.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Steffnee Peterman.

Fans in the halls.
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