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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0282-10282-01 high-res image
Howard the Dalek and Chaz Boston Baden.

0282-20282-02 (lost: gall002.jpg)
Tony Benoun, aka Tony the Hat.

0282-03 (lost: gall004.jpg), 0282-04 (lost: gall003.jpg).
Edward Hooper, Howard the Dalek, Michael Mason.

0282-05 (lost: gall005.jpg), 0282-06 (lost: gall006.jpg).
Laura Freas, dancing in the halls.

0282-70282-07 (lost: gall007.jpg)
Michael Lee with a black mug, Shaun Lyon in the denim NASFiC staff shirt, guest Jon De Burgh Miller, and part of Laura Freas on the right.

0282-08 (lost: gall008.jpg), 0282-09 (lost: gall009.jpg), 0282-10.
The lovely Deanna Bayless, at work in the "Disenchanted Tiki Room."

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