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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0271-10271-01 (lost: soll177.jpg)
Karl Lembke.
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-20271-02 (lost: soll178.jpg)
Mischa Coleman in blue massaging neck of Michael Rotzler in ivory sweater. Next to him is Steffnee Peterman and Suze Campagna (right edge) talking to Tristan Anderson, standing. Shaun Piron in green jacket, background left; John Blood in suspenders, background right.
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-30271-03 (lost: soll180.jpg)
Eric Pobirs seated in white shirt, Michael Mason seated in black shirt. Left background: Rebecca Barber in blue shirt and Frank Waller with cap, plus someone holding a magazine. Stranger in a white sweatshirt trying to get around the tables. Megan St. Francis in black shirts, shorts, with watch, background right.
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(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-40271-04 (lost: soll181.jpg)
Seated: Michael Rotzler in ivory sweater, Steffnee Peterman. Standing: Mischa Coleman in blue, Megan St. Francis waving, back of Dan Spisak in blue shirt, Eylat Poliner, Tristan Anderson seated background right, and Colleen Crosby's elbow.
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-50271-05 (lost: soll182.jpg)
Rebecca Barber, Frank Waller.
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-06 (lost: soll183.jpg), 0271-07 (lost: soll184.jpg).
Chandies Williamson. Background of second picture: Pat Lawrence left, Christian B. McGuire (in baseball-style jacket) and darcee golden at booth with Shawn Crosby and Tadao Tomomatsu (yellow shirt).
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-80271-08 (lost: soll185.jpg)
Drew Sanders.
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-90271-09 (lost: soll193.jpg)
. Drew Sanders, Peggy Little.
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

0271-100271-10 (lost: soll186.jpg)
Peggy Little
(Thursday 30-Mar-2000)

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