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I was asked to take pictures of the LASFS Board of Directors. On 12-Mar-2000, after the usual Second Sunday of the Month Board of Directors meeting, I came to the clubhouse and snapped off a few shots.

I cropped out the head shots, and scaled them to 100x125, before turning them over to the LASFS webmaster. You can see the original full pictures here, in addition to just the faces.

Pictures were taken in no particular order - just as I ran across them at LASFS, one by one.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Mike GlyerMike GlyerMike GlyerMike Glyer
0268-01, 0268-02 (lost: glyer_m2.jpg), 0268-03 (lost: lasfs014.jpg), 0268-04 (lost: lasfs015.jpg).
Mike Glyer
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Bruce and CathyBruce and Cathy
0268-05, 0268-06 (lost: lasfs016.jpg).
Bruce Pelz with Cathy Beckstead.
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Mike SternMike SternMike Stern
0268-07, 0268-08 (lost: lasfs017.jpg), 0268-09 (lost: lasfs018.jpg).
Mike Stern
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Shaun LyonShaun LyonShaun LyonShaun Lyon
0268-10, 0268-11, 0268-12 (lost: lasfs019.jpg), 0268-13 (lost: lasfs020.jpg).
Shaun Lyon
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Elayne PelzElayne PelzElayne PelzElayne Pelz
0268-14, 0268-15 (lost: pelz_e2.jpg), 0268-16 (lost: lasfs021.jpg), 0268-17 (lost: lasfs022.jpg).
Elayne Pelz
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Kimberlee BrownKimberlee Brown
0268-18, 0268-19 (lost: lasfs024.jpg).
Kimberlee Brown.
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Bill EllernBill Ellern
0268-20, 0268-21 (lost: lasfs026.jpg).
Bill Ellern
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Bob NullBob Null
0268-22, 0268-23 (lost: lasfs027.jpg).
Bob Null
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Joe ZeffJoe Zeff
0268-24, 0268-25 (lost: lasfs028.jpg).
Joe Zeff
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Michael ThorsenMichael Thorsen
0268-26, 0268-27 (lost: lasfs029.jpg).
Michael Thorsen
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

Liz Mortensen0268-28
Here's a shot of Liz Mortensen
(Sunday 12-Mar-2000)

from a LASFS meeting two weeks before.

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