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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Charles Herbig for caption help on this page.

0267-10267-01 (lost: lasfs91.jpg)
Elayne Pelz with her hand on her head, Liz Mortensen with a Diet Coke, and Cathy Beckstead with a smoke.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0267-20267-02 (lost: lasfs92.jpg)
Sundance with a Dr Pepper, someone with red hair, Frank Waller in a cap, and someone else sitting on the table.
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(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0267-30267-03 (lost: lasfs93.jpg)
Charles Lee Jackson II and Greg Barrett sitting, having a chat.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0267-40267-04 (lost: lasfs94.jpg)
Joe Zeff, the guy with the sideburns in the APA-L room.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0267-50267-05 (lost: lasfs95.jpg)
Bob Null, preparing to print something on the Super Duper.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0267-60267-06 (lost: lasfs96.jpg)
Arnold Boothroyd in red vest reading on green couch.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0267-70267-07 (lost: lasfs97.jpg)
Leigh Strother-Vien, Avon Lady.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0267-08 (lost: lasfs98.jpg), 0267-09 (lost: lasfs99.jpg).
Michael Mason at the desk, Scratch Galloway standing in a cap, and Vicky Shapero in a green cloak and matching hat.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

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