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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0266-20266-02 (lost: lasfs001.jpg)
Liz Mortensen.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0266-30266-03 (lost: lasfs002.jpg)
Tom Safer.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0266-40266-04 (lost: lasfs004.jpg)
Karl Lembke and Cathy Beckstead seated at the front. Mike Stern announces something. Charles Lee Jackson III seated at the right back.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0266-50266-05 (lost: lasfs85.jpg)
Scott Beckstead and Dan Spisak in front. Shaun Piron, John Blood at back left; Steffnee Peterman in back of Scott and Dan with hood, and a couple others back there too.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0266-60266-06 (lost: lasfs86.jpg)
Peter Greenwood, and Frank Waller.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0266-70266-07 (lost: lasfs87.jpg)
P.J. Monroe standing, a little bit of Peggy Little at the bottom left, and Scott Beckstead.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0266-80266-08 (lost: lasfs88.jpg)
Drew Sanders and Peggy Little seated in front; P.J. Monroe, with Rebecca Barber on her shoulder, and Scott Beckstead behind Rebecca.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

Njon Weinroth writes: "I think that's the same PJ I knew as a teen in Shaker Hts Ohio in the 80's. Any chance you have her contact info or could forward her mine?"

0266-90266-09 (lost: lasfs89.jpg)
Eylat Poliner, proudly holding a video tape and a bottle, with John Blood. Someone reading behind them.
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(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0266-100266-10 (lost: lasfs90.jpg)
Kay Shapero.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

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