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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0261-01 (lost: soll139.jpg), 0261-02 (lost: soll140.jpg), 0261-03 (lost: soll141.jpg).
Steffnee Peterman samples a cream puff. Michael Molisani (left corner) and Shaun Piron (right corner) watch in the first picture.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0261-04 (lost: soll142.jpg), 0261-05, 0261-06 (lost: soll145.jpg).
Peggy Little (the blonde), Steffnee Peterman, and Charles Lee Jackson II (last picture) share bits of the cream puff. Someone in a hat watches in the 2nd shot. The button on the backpack in the first shot says "Dyslexics of the World, Untie."
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(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0261-70261-07 (lost: soll143.jpg)
Edward Hooper (left edge), Tristan Anderson, and P.J. Monroe (right) are seated, while Rebecca Barber hugs Chaz Boston Baden behind them.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

0261-08 (lost: soll146.jpg), 0261-09 (lost: soll147.jpg).
Christian B. McGuire and Steffnee Peterman; Christian B. McGuire and Chaz Boston Baden.
(Thursday 24-Feb-2000)

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