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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0260-10260-01 (lost: soll128.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, Rebecca Barber.
(Thursday 10-Feb-2000)

0260-02 (lost: soll132.jpg), 0260-03 high-res image.
In the first shot, Christian B. McGuire has ordered a cream puff, and is deciding how to attack it. In the second picture, Steffnee Peterman is caught in the act of helping Christian with his dessert.
(Thursday 10-Feb-2000)

0260-04 (lost: soll130.jpg), 0260-05.
Christian B. McGuire got some of the cream puff's filling on his nose. Steffnee Peterman helps him out.
(Thursday 10-Feb-2000)

0260-06 (lost: soll136.jpg), 0260-07 (lost: soll135.jpg).
Steffnee Peterman feeds Christian B. McGuire a piece of the cream puff; Christian B. McGuire and Chaz Boston Baden each try a piece at the same time.
(Thursday 10-Feb-2000)

0260-08 (lost: soll137.jpg), 0260-09.
While all this creampuffery goes on around her, darcee golden sketches in her sketchbook and on her pants leg.
(Thursday 10-Feb-2000)

0260-100260-10 (lost: soll134.jpg)
Kris Bauer and Mike Ellis.
(Thursday 10-Feb-2000)

0260-110260-11 (lost: soll138.jpg)
Alex Pournelle grinning, sitting next to Cathy Beckstead.
(Thursday 10-Feb-2000)

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