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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Matthew B. Tepper for caption help on this page.

People at Solley's

0242-01 (lost: slly000.jpg), 0242-02 (lost: slly001.jpg).
Selina Phanara, Steffnee Peterman, Eric Pobirs in white shirt.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0242-30242-03 (lost: slly009.jpg)
Eric Pobirs in white shirt, Mike Donahue, Scott Beckstead.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0242-40242-04 (lost: slly002.jpg)
Scott Beckstead, Rebecca Barber, Steffnee Peterman (standing), Shaun Piron in green jacket.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0242-05 (lost: slly005.jpg), 0242-06 (lost: slly004.jpg).
Colleen Crosby in "Bay Area in 2002" denim shirt, Christian B. McGuire in white long-sleeved shirt, Shaun Lyon in black shirt, Steffnee Peterman holding onto Shaun, and Suze Campagna's elbow.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0242-70242-07 (lost: slly003.jpg)
Part of Colleen Crosby, Shaun Lyon in black shirt, Suze Campagna, several other people down the left side of the table; various others, Michael Molisani with glasses and a light blue collar, Diana resting her head on her hand, and Michael Mason foreground right.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0242-80242-08 (lost: slly030.jpg)
Suze Campagna turning to talk, Jim Terry in a green shirt, Michael Mason in black shirt, Shawn Crosby's jacket on the right.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0242-09 (lost: slly006.jpg), 0242-10 (lost: slly007.jpg), 0242-11 (lost: slly008.jpg).
Michael Molisani at far left, Diana Dougherty in white shirt and black vest, Michael Mason in black t-shirt, Jim Terry in green shirt, Selina Phanara.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

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