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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Peggy Renk for caption help on this page.

0235-01 (lost: lasfs63.jpg), 0235-02 (lost: lasfs62.jpg).
Bruce Pelz selling books and talking to Drew Sanders.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0235-30235-03 (lost: lasfs64.jpg)
David Lathram in the white sweatshirt, Mike Sheffield in the black t-shirt.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0235-40235-04 (lost: lasfs65.jpg)
Drew Sanders standing on the left, talking to Peggy Little, seated. Elaine Boothroyd in black jacket with red lipstick, Lucy Stern behind her (denim jacket). Someone at the back in front of the fire exit, talking to someone else (Doug Crepeau?) in a dark suit. Sharon Volin in green t-shirt with black hair, talking to Dan Spisak (foreground). Arnold Boothroyd seated on the couch, right.
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(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0235-05 (lost: lasfs68.jpg), 0235-06 (lost: lasfs67.jpg).
Vicky Shapero brandishing a clipboard at Sundance.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0235-70235-07 (lost: lasfs69.jpg)
Cathy Beckstead.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0235-80235-08 (lost: lasfs70.jpg)
Sundance, John Arruda
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

0235-90235-09 (lost: lasfs71.jpg)
Karl Lembke.
(Thursday 06-Jan-2000)

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