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When I'm invited to a potluck party, if I expect to be able to use my host's oven, I'll often bring the fixings for Garlic Bread, using an old family recipe that was devised by my mother. I bring the special seasoning mix, two loaves of french bread, a mixing bowl, aluminum foil, a tablespoon, and possibly a bread knife, spatula, and fork.

Baden Family Garlic Bread

Make sure you have a loaf of french bread that's cut in thick diagonally slices, but not all the way through the bottom of the loaf. (Mar-1998)

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To make the garlic spread, mix together two sticks of softened butter (not melted - you don't want it runny) and two tablespoons of seasoning with a fork. You can also throw in an extra tablespoon or two of garlic powder. This is about right for a 24-oz. loaf. 1-lb. loaves will need less. I usually make two big loaves of Garlic Bread, and therefore a whole pound of butter and 4 TB. of seasoning goes into the bowl. (Mar-1998, Mar 1999)

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Butter each side of each slice of bread. Also dab some on the top of the loaf. Wrap the whole thing in foil, bake it in a hot oven (0375-400 F, or maybe on the broiler?) until it's hot. Pull back the top piece of foil and bake it some more so it crisps the top. (Mar-1998, Mar 1999)

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