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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0251-1, Home Depot0251-01 (lost: depot24.jpg)
Home Depot Store in Monrovia, off of I-210. This was the first Home Depot I've seen that was open around the clock. (Feb-1999)

0251-2, Coca-Cola Bunny0251-02
This is a store display of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke 12-packs, at Hughes Market in Sherman Oaks (now Gelsons). As you can see, Easter was on its way... (Mar-1999)

0251-3, Burned-out Truck0251-03 (lost: truck01.jpg)
My neighbor's truck caught fire one night. I discovered it burning in his driveway when I got home. (Oct-1999)

0251-4, Makeup Kit0251-04 (lost: makeup.jpg)
Someone's makeup kit, left behind in the Newsroom at NASFiC. (Dec-1999)
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0251-5, Edwards 20 Marquee0251-05 (lost: marquee.jpg)
Marquee at Edwards 20, Irvine Spectrum Center. "Star Wars - Now Hiring." (Dec-1999)

0251-6, Oakley0251-06 (lost: oakley.jpg)
Oakley Store, Irvine Spectrum Center. Doesn't it look like it's about to eat someone? (Dec-1999)
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0251-7, Carved bears0251-07 (lost: toms058.jpg)
On weekends, Tom's Farms has a craft show in the parking lot. One of the vendors sells wood carvings, including a bear holding a jar marked "JAM." I think I'd like one where the bear holds a container that says "BEER" instead... (Dec-1999)

0251-8, Millennium Safe Zone0251-08 (lost: ampm1.jpg)
Millennium Safe Zone: "Just get over it!" sign at am/pm mini-market. (Dec-1999)

0251-90251-09 (lost: hirsch1.jpg)
I made some wrapping paper by photocopying the company logo in a check pattern on a couple of big sheets of green paper. The package is a 2-lb. box of asstd. See's Chocolates. (Dec-1999)

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