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0234-01 (lost: xmas051.jpg), 0234-02 (lost: xmas052.jpg), 0234-03 (lost: xmas054.jpg), 0234-04 (lost: xmas055.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez and Johnna B. check out the earrings that Lynn was giving away. Dorothy's cat checks out the tissue paper and boxes. Dorothy Bullard is in the background of the second shot, and Bob Bullard is sitting on the right side of the third.
(Saturday 08-Jan-2000)

0234-50234-05 (lost: xmas053.jpg)
Dorothy's cat discovers a big empty box.
(Saturday 08-Jan-2000)

0234-06 (lost: xmas056.jpg), 0234-07 (lost: xmas057.jpg).
Opening presents and visiting has taken us all afternoon (about 3 hours just to take turns opening gifts). We're ready for dinner, so us kids go out to Souplantation. Thomas, Johnna B., Dorothy Bullard are in the first shot; a bit of Bob Bullard, Maria Rodriguez and Chaz Boston Baden are in the second. Not visible: Elaine Baden, Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 08-Jan-2000)

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