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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0224-10224-01 (lost: ny014.jpg)
"Welcome to the hamlet of Valhalla New York, Town of Mt. Pleasant"

0224-20224-02 (lost: ny015.jpg)
This building in Valhalla NY houses, among other things, the offices of SAI (Security Applications Inc.).

0224-03 (lost: joelrice.jpg), 0224-04 (lost: ny002.jpg), 0224-05 (lost: ny003.jpg), 0224-06 (lost: ny004.jpg).
Joel Rice and the other three guys work for SAI.
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0224-70224-07 (lost: ny005.jpg)
Some of our equipment set up in SAI's computer room.

0224-100224-10 (lost: ny009.jpg)
The Executive Diner Restaurant. All of my breakfasts and most of my other meals were here.

0224-08 (lost: ny008.jpg), 0224-09 (lost: ny007.jpg).
Real snow on the ground. It gets cold in New York. And the hills are covered with naked trees.

0224-110224-11 (lost: ny012.jpg)
Self portrait. The mirror in my motel room wasn't quite tall enough for me to use it for brushing my hair.

0224-120224-12 (lost: ny017.jpg)
I'm on my way back to the airport, and I stopped to fill up the rental at a "Mobil" gas station. You can see the Mobil sign way in the background. The gas station is built right into the freeway system, like truck scales would be. On one side of this island I'm standing on, cars are whizzing by at freeway speeds; on the other side, people are getting gas at the gas station on this brisk chill morning.

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