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This past Halloween, I learned a few things. First of all, I learned that you shouldn't carve your jack-o-lanterns especially early. They rot out. I also learned you shouldn't put it off too late, either! Maria emptied out our pumpkins, but we didn't start curving until very late in the game.

I'd planned to do some special carving, making my own templates and so forth; but when I got into doing the first flamingo, I realized we wouldn't have nearly enough time. So I wound up doing some very simple pumpkins.

0217-1, truck0217-01
I thought it would be fun to have my truck parked backwards on the curb, with pumpkins atop. I should have left the blinkers flashing - it would have added visual interest to our cul-de-sac.

0217-2, truck pumpkins0217-3, truck pumpkins
0217-02 (lost: jackl04.jpg), 0217-03 (lost: jackl05.jpg).
The two pumpkins on top of the truck both had simple faces.

0217-4, Jack0217-04 (lost: jackl06.jpg)
Either Maria or Lynn carved this one, in more or less the traditional style.

0217-5, Shapes0217-05 (lost: jackl10.jpg)
Maria carved all sorts of different shapes in the side of hers. Cats, bats and so forth.

0217-6, Faces0217-7, Faces
0217-06 (lost: jackl07.jpg), 0217-07 (lost: jackl08.jpg).
I carved several with "happy faces" complete with vertical-slit eyes.

0217-8, geometric0217-9, geometric0217-10, geometric
0217-08 (lost: jackl01.jpg), 0217-09 (lost: jackl02.jpg), 0217-10 (lost: jackl09.jpg).
As the afternoon wore on into twilight, I just started stabbing squares and triangles randomly all over the outside of the pumpkin.

Next Year: Pumpkin-Carving Block Party the weekend before Halloween? I want to talk all my neighbors into buying a dozen extra pumpkins each, and we all get together to carve them and then on The Night we'll set them out in the cul-de-sac. It won't impinge on car traffic - we'll just make a traffic circle out of them. That's the plan, anyway. Next: Tornado-Tossed Tree (21-Feb-2000)