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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Stacey Hallman the left, Charles Lee Jackson II in his grey suit, Rebecca Barber in the foreground looking down at something on the floor, Brett Achorn in a baseball cap talking to CLJII, Suze Campagna in blue and purplish-red behind CLJII and Peggy, Peggy Little (aka The Blonde) with hands folded, and Sharon Volin seated at the couch on the right.
(Thursday 30-Dec-1999)

0204-2, Peggy Renk0204-02
Peggy Little.
(Thursday 30-Dec-1999)

0204-3, Leigh, Louis0204-03 (lost: lasfs58.jpg)
Leigh Strother-Vien, Louis Elver-Gray.
(Thursday 30-Dec-1999)

0204-40204-04 (lost: lasfs59.jpg)
Brett Achorn on the left in a cap, Stacey Hallman who is shorter than Brett, Cathy Beckstead's back and backpack, Liz Mortensen, and Bill Ellern.
(Thursday 30-Dec-1999)

0204-5, Liz0204-05 (lost: lasfs60.jpg)
Liz Mortensen, a Woman Scorned.
(Thursday 30-Dec-1999)

0204-60204-06 (lost: lasfs61.jpg)
George McUrso.
(Thursday 30-Dec-1999)

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