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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Edward Hooper for caption help on this page.

0201-10201-01 (lost: solly59.jpg)
John De Chancie, Robert Jordan standing behind John and Cathy, Cathy Beckstead, Tristan Anderson.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-20201-02 (lost: solly52.jpg)
Tristan Anderson, Christian B. McGuire, Michael Mason.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-30201-03 (lost: solly51.jpg)
Half of Michael Mason; Tadao Tomomatsu, Jim Terry.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-04 (lost: solly55.jpg), 0201-05 (lost: solly56.jpg).
Justin dodging the camera; Sharon Volin; Karl Lembke.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-60201-06 (lost: solly54.jpg)
Karl Lembke, Stacey Hallman in a denim jacket, Brett Achorn wielding ketchup.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-70201-07 (lost: solly53.jpg)
Tristan Anderson in the near left corner; Brett Achorn in a cap at top left; Liz Mortensen; Scott Beckstead.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-80201-08 (lost: solly61.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire, Scott Beckstead, German Gonzalez in a blue shirt, Michael Mason.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-90201-09 (lost: solly60.jpg)
Michael Mason; Edward Hooper grinning behind Jim; Jim Terry; Dan Spisak in a trench coat; Shaun Piron with green jacket and ponytail.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

0201-10 (lost: solly62.jpg), 0201-11 (lost: solly63.jpg).
Tristan Anderson, Steffnee Peterman. In the first shot you can also see Cathy Beckstead at right.
(Thursday 23-Dec-1999)

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