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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0196-01 (lost: maria62.jpg), 0196-02 (lost: maria63.jpg), 0196-03 (lost: maria64.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez at home, having breakfast. For a week she's been selling candy, setting aside birthday and Christmas gift money from her grandparents, and generally raising money to fly her best friend since toddlerhood out for her fifteenth birthday party.

0196-04 (lost: mariel1.jpg), 0196-05 (lost: mariel2.jpg), 0196-06 (lost: mariel3.jpg).
Mariel Massoglia, her first day in California in two and a half years. First photo is at Orange County Airport (SNA), the other two are at Ruby's in Yorba Linda, enjoying a chocolate Coke.

0196-70196-07 (lost: lynnc05.jpg)
Lynn Baden and Chaz Boston Baden at Ruby's in Yorba Linda. [Photo by Mariel Massoglia]

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