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0193-10193-01 (lost: quinc94.jpg)
Terrie Rodriguez ("Tia"), Juan Rodriguez, Ben Massoglia.

0193-20193-02 (lost: quinc95.jpg)
Lindsey, Luisa Lora (?), Amanda without sleeves, Alisa behind Amanda, Shannon in sparkly dress, Megan's back, a couple random arms, Stephanie facing us, Desiree's back as she dances, Diana in red covering her face, Carlos's face in the dim background, Elizabeth's light blue arm and Kim's dark blue/white arm.

Valentina Bauer-Landes, Mariel Massoglia, Alice Massoglia, Maria Rodriguez.

0193-40193-04 (lost: quinc97.jpg)
There are still leftovers at the end of the party.

0193-50193-05 (lost: quinc98.jpg)
Byron Rodriguez is at the far left. Terrie Rodriguez is looking at these pictures on my laptop, and showing them to Abuela and Abuelo.

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