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0191-10191-01 (lost: quinc74.jpg)
Lorenzo, Juan Rodriguez, Anastasia Hunter.

unknown woman on couch, Carlos Lora, Byron Rodriguez, Alba Rodriguez, Boris Rodriguez

Jeanette Lora in the back in black with silver skirt, Arlenis Ferrer in pink dress, Lizette Flores, David Gonzalez adjusting tie, Salvador Ferrer in black vest, Ilena Gonzalez talking to her husband David, a colleague, Rosie Ulloa (dancing with Salvador).

0191-40191-04 (lost: quinc77.jpg)
Ana Jiménez, Terrie ("Tia") Rodriguez, Luisa Lora, Magnola Ferrer, and kids and whatnot.

Alice Massoglia looking for something in the cupboards. Alice made herself useful during the party, reconstituting punch and cutting cake and so forth.

Joel in vest, Lorenzo behind Joel, Kim Bergdahl behind Lorenzo, Shawn Crosby's head over Dorothy's shoulder, Dorothy Bullard, Charles Herbig back in the bedroom, Maria Rodriguez, Stephanie Lora in the foreground, David and Coralee (?) talking behind Maria, Juan Rodriguez, Michael Underwood.

0191-70191-80191-07, 0191-08.
Mariel Massoglia, Maria Rodriguez, Valentina Bauer-Landes. As you can see, someone has a flash unit much more powerful than mine.
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0191-9, Lynn, Maria0191-10, Lynn, Maria0191-11, Lynn, Maria, Chaz
0191-09, 0191-10 (lost: quinc82.jpg), 0191-11 (lost: quinc83.jpg).
Maria's mother Lynn Baden (red dress), Maria Rodriguez, Maria's stepfather Chaz Boston Baden (purple). [Photo 0191-11 by Alice Massoglia.]

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