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0188-10188-01 (lost: quinc44.jpg)
Michael Underwood, Lynn Baden talking to Sue Dawe.

0188-20188-02 (lost: quinc45.jpg)
Maria a co-worker of Maria's Dad.

0188-30188-03 (lost: quinc46.jpg)
Alba Rodriguez, Orlando Estévez, Abuela

0188-40188-04 (lost: quinc47.jpg)
Somebody's elbow, Sylvia Boston behind Abuelo, Abuelo with video camera, Donna's son (?), Donna's daughter-in-law?, Donna, and Lynn Baden.

0188-50188-05 (lost: quinc49.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Tom from school trying on one of Maria's dresses, Kim, and Valentina's forehead.

0188-60188-06 (lost: quinc50.jpg)
Nancy in white shirt, Carmel Javier sitting down, Tom in drag, Valentina Bauer-Landes in doorway, Kim.

0188-7, Kim, Anastasia0188-07
Kim Bergdahl, Anastasia Hunter, a bit of one of Dad's co-workers in a blue shirt, Michael Underwood on the right.

0188-80188-08 (lost: quinc52.jpg)
Alice Massoglia with blue shirt, Kim Bergdahl in the back by the couch, Ben Massoglia in black and grey, Shawn Crosby in the doorway behind the lady, and a lady.

0188-90188-09 (lost: quinc53.jpg)
A little bit of Mariel Massoglia's hair and barrett, Maria Rodriguez's head, Liz's leg, Alice Massoglia in blue holding the kitten "Starry Night," Ben Massoglia in black and grey.

0188-100188-10 (lost: quinc54.jpg)
Kim's arm, Liz on the bed, Mariel Massoglia in the slinky blue dress, Alice Massoglia hugging her daughter Mariel. (By the way, the "G" is silent.)

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