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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0187-10187-01 (lost: quinc34.jpg)
Terrie Rodriguez's arm, boy in rust shirt is friend of a son of Maria's dad's co-worker, Abuela in blue.

0187-20187-02 (lost: quinc35.jpg)

0187-30187-03 (lost: quinc36.jpg)
Lindsey, Megan, Shannon, Carmel Javier on the arm of the couch, Heather in red behind Nancy, Nancy in white in front, Kim's blonde hair, Alisa looking at the camera.

0187-40187-04 (lost: quinc37.jpg)
Lindsey, Megan, Shannon, Carmel Javier on couch, with Heather bending over talking to Carmel Javier, Kim's grey jacket-clad arm, Alisa in black dress, and a little bit of Joel's head.

0187-50187-05 (lost: quinc38.jpg)
Shannon, Carmel Javier, Heather in red, Kim in grey, Alisa turned away from us, Joel in between Alisa and Lorenzo, Lorenzo.

0187-60187-06 (lost: quinc39.jpg)
Heather in red, Kim in grey, Lorenzo in the corner, Carmel Javier and Alisa struggling with Joel.

0187-70187-07 (lost: quinc40.jpg)
Kim in grey in back, Andrew in brown reaches for something, Alisa behind Andrew, a little bit of Joel between Alisa and Heather, Heather in red, Carmel Javier talking to Maria, Maria Rodriguez.

0187-80187-08 (lost: quinc41.jpg)
Joel in vest, Shanna in back, Carmel Javier in brown dress, Alisa's back and elbow, Maria Rodriguez with tiara, Kim in grey, a bit of Heather in red behind Kim, Diana in red on the side.

0187-90187-09 (lost: quinc42.jpg)
Someone in a blue shirt, Jocelyn Baden sitting down, Valentina Bauer-Landes's back. Various people are dancing on the patio.
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0187-100187-10 (lost: quinc43.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Sue Dawe, Shawn Crosby.

Message received: "you probably dont know me... well u dont know me N E wayz im from Kansas City KS and was looking through ur pics it looks like you had a hella good time my Quince is coming up in a couple of weeks and was just lookin through the net to see what i could find that i dont have yet well i liked ur pics and the guyz in them 2! he he he thanx 4 letting me look @ them" --Alexus Limones (25-Oct-2002)

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