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Wil Baden, Jocelyn Baden.

0185-20185-02 (lost: quinc07.jpg)
Carol (Carmel Javier's mom) and Arlito (Carmel Javier's dad).

Abuela (Georgina? Rodriguez), Stephanie, a bit of Colleen Crosby's hair visible between Stephanie and Carmel Javier, Carmel Javier, a bit of Dorothy Bullard (behind Carmel Javier in the back), Jackie, Grandma Sylvia Boston, Shawn Crosby, Jocelyn Baden(?), Wil Baden at the very back.

Shanna in black in the background, Abuelo (Juanito A. Rodriguez), Maria Rodriguez's back straps, Grandma Sylvia Boston, [a little bit of Coralee Turner by the window with long hair and a white headband.] Coralee's husband David Turner, Abuela.

Coralee Turner, David Turner.

Stephanie, Desiree the cat giver, Jackie.

Somebody's sister?, somebody's mom in black jacket, somebody's dad in grey jacket. We think.

Maria Rodriguez, Terrie ("Tia") Rodriguez, Grandma Sylvia Boston.

0185-90185-09 (lost: quinc22.jpg)
Lindsey, Megan, Shannon, and a bit of Juan Rodriguez fiddling in the kitchen.

Lorenzo's dad, Jocelyn Baden, Wil Baden.

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