Thanksgiving (Dec-1999)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0184-1, Lynn, Pat0184-01 (lost: kim002.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Pat Lawrence, in the Crosbys' living room.

0184-2, Shawn0184-02 (lost: kim003.jpg)
Shawn Crosby with a six-outlet wall socket thing.

0184-3, Colleen0184-03
Colleen Crosby in her kitchen.

0184-4, Colleen, Gary0184-5, Colleen, Gary
0184-04 (lost: kim004.jpg), 0184-05 (lost: kim005.jpg).
Colleen Crosby, Gary Kephart.

0184-6, Kitchen0184-7, Kitchen0184-8, Kitchen
0184-06 (lost: kim007.jpg), 0184-07 (lost: kim006.jpg), 0184-08 (lost: kim008.jpg).
Kim Bergdahl's mom (in the vest), and Kim Bergdahl (red shirt) working in Kim's kitchen. Colleen Crosby (blue shirt) is also in the middle shot.

0184-9, Kim0184-09 (lost: kim009.jpg)
Kim Bergdahl getting at her high shelves. Jeff watches from the left edge.

[Not pictured: Chaz Boston Baden, Jeff Bergdahl.]