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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0170-1, chaz0170-2, chaz
0170-01 (lost: sandy46.jpg), 0170-02 (lost: sandy47.jpg).
Chaz Boston Baden, with Stan Pluta in the background of the first shot. Both pictures were taken with the flash. The difference between them is the first one was highly backlit - that is, the sun's shining bright outside the back window behind Stan. In the second shot, there's light coming from the front windows (so we still need the flash to get a good shot) but not as much backlight as the first shot. [Photos by Susan Pasqualetto.]

0170-3, sandy0170-03 (lost: sandy49.jpg)
Sandy Pluta and Darwin Stanley Pluta are both running a 00102-degree fever today, poor things.

0170-4, Emily, Greg0170-04 (lost: sandy50.jpg)
Emily Pasqualetto (Susan Pasqualetto's younger sister) has a plate of ham, chips, and chip dip. Behind her is Greg Ishizaka (Sandy's brother, Darwin's uncle).

0170-5, Emily0170-6, Emily
0170-05 (lost: sandy51.jpg), 0170-06 (lost: sandy52.jpg).
Emily Pasqualetto is quietly eating her chips and her bits of ham by dipping each in the ranchlike dressing. You can see her dipping the ham in these shots.

0170-7, Jennifer0170-8, Sandy
0170-07 (lost: sandy53.jpg), 0170-08 (lost: sandy54.jpg).
Jennifer Pasqualetto holding Darwin Stanley Pluta; Willy Ishizaka, Sandy Pluta at the other end of the couch.

0170-9, boys0170-09 (lost: sandy55.jpg)
Dave Ishizaka goes for the door as Willy Ishizaka carries another birthday package.

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