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0166-1, Exterior0166-2, Kitchen0166-3, Kitchen0166-4, Kitchen
0166-01, 0166-02 (lost: sandy12.jpg), 0166-03 (lost: sandy11.jpg), 0166-04 (lost: sandy13.jpg).
Sandy, Stan, and Darwin Stanley Pluta's beautiful house with its spacious kitchen.

0166-5, Blocks0166-05 (lost: sandy02.jpg)
Jennifer Pasqualetto is holding Darwin Stanley Pluta as Susan Pasqualetto (Jennifer's Daughter) and Lynn Baden watch. Apparently before we arrived, Jennifer Pasqualetto and Susan Pasqualetto were building towers, and Darwin as "Baby Godzilla" was knocking down.

0166-6, Darwin0166-06 (lost: sandy03.jpg)
Susan Pasqualetto, Darwin Stanley Pluta, Jennifer Pasqualetto.

0166-7, Maggie0166-07 (lost: sandy06.jpg)
Grandma Maggie Nopper, Sandy's mom and Darwin's maternal grandma.

0166-8, Sandy0166-08 (lost: sandy07.jpg)
Sandy Pluta in her kitchen.

0166-9, Go to sleep0166-09 (lost: sandy08.jpg)
Marian from Next Door watches Jennifer Pasqualetto trying to lull Darwin to sleep, while Susan Pasqualetto studies her nails.

0166-10, Stan0166-10 (lost: sandy10.jpg)
Stan Pluta, Darwin's proud father.

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