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0165-10165-01 (lost: solly42.jpg)
Colleen Crosby and Shawn Crosby are talking to Christian B. McGuire, behind Terry Karney and Maia Wolff. Suze Campagna looks on from the end of the table, opposite Cathy Beckstead and Jim Terry.

0165-2, Pat0165-3, Pat0165-4, Pat
0165-02, 0165-03, 0165-04.
Pat Lawrence decides what to order.

And on another occasion (23-Dec-1999)...

0165-50165-05 (lost: solly50.jpg)
Robert Jablon sitting next to Fuzzy Niven.

0165-60165-06 (lost: solly49.jpg)
A bit of Larry at the left; Mike Donahue; and Alex Pournelle. Mike said this about this photo: "Someone finally took a good picture of me! And he's managed to capture Alex's essence too! (Thanks Chaz... I love it!!)"
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0165-70165-07 (lost: solly48.jpg)
Eric Pobirs at the left corner of the table, Jeff Siegel with light hair, Tom Stern in blue, Marina next to Tom, various others at the far end of the table; Alex Pournelle at the right corner of the table.

Marina Stern eating; Sandy Cohen explaining something.

Dan Spisak laughing; Shaun Piron in a green jacket.

Cathy Beckstead pulling up a chair.

0165-110165-11 (lost: solly46.jpg)
darcee golden, Edward Hooper, and a bit of John De Chancie's arm.

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