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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0164-10164-01 (lost: solly31.jpg)
Shaun Piron in a green jacket in the back, Alan Frisbie in the front, Rebecca Barber, Marina Stern laughing.

John Blood standing, Craig Miller sitting, Shaun Piron in a green jacket, Alan Frisbie with his hand on his chin, Rebecca Barber, and Marina Stern's elbow.

0164-30164-03 (lost: solly33.jpg)
Scott Beckstead standing, Jim Terry eating, and two other heads.

0164-40164-04 (lost: solly34.jpg)
Near side of the table: Mischa Coleman's back, Fuzzy Niven in Larry Niven's arms, Sharon Johnson (dark shape), Tom Stern. Other side of the table: half of Marv Wolfman, Craig Miller facing Marv, Alan Frisbie, Marina Stern.

John Blood.

Rebecca Barber, Scott Beckstead.

0164-70164-07 (lost: solly37.jpg)
darcee golden, Tadao Tomomatsu, and German Gonzalez behind Tadao.

0164-80164-08 (lost: solly38.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu with Steffnee Peterman on his back, and darcee golden in front.

0164-90164-09 (lost: solly39.jpg)
Cathy Beckstead faces the camera and says Hi, with Jerome Scott behind her talking to Terry Karney, Maia Wolff, Christian B. McGuire across the table.

John Blood gets a good spanking from Steffnee Peterman and her menu.

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