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"It's Armageddon, Charlie Brown"

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Mariel Massoglia for caption help on this page.

0151-10151-01 (lost: l26c141.jpg)
CHARLIE BROWN: "It looks like it's the end of the world, Linus."
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

LINUS: "Man's thirst for power has finally overwhelmed his ability to control it." (Charlie Brown's shoelaces are tied together. He trips and falls when he goes over to talk to the little red-haired girl.)

CHARLIE BROWN: "I can't stand it. I'm doomed."

0151-20151-02 (lost: l26c142.jpg)
SCHROEDER: "... In fact, up until the big one hits, I can do whatever I want! I can play old show tunes and carnival music! On a kazoo! Or bagpipes! I can act as I please!
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

LUCY: "Does this mean we're finally going to realize the unspoken love that exists between us?"'

SCHROEDER: "Are you crazy?"

0151-30151-03 (lost: l26c143.jpg)
SALLY: "Dear Mr. Christ... Our Sunday School teacher told us that the world is coming to an end. She said that the Four Postmen have been riding all over the earth, delivering all sorts of evil letters and packages to children everywhere, even the ones who have been good all year! But I'm looking forward to the seven seals show when you come to visit. I hope they do tricks like the ones at the circus..."
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

0151-40151-04 (lost: l26c144.jpg)
(Sally plants one on Linus.)
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

CHARLIE BROWN: "There's some connection here, I know it. What do you think, Linus?"

SALLY: "Isn't he the cutest thing?"

0151-50151-05 (lost: l26c145.jpg)
LUCY: "Now, what seems to be your problem, Charlie Brown?"
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

CHARLIE BROWN: "Well, it's just that I get this general sense of impending doom."

LUCY: "Good grief, Charlie Brown, we're at war! It's perfectly natural to feel that way."

0151-06 (lost: l26c146.jpg), 0151-07.
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

CHARLIE BROWN: "Okay. I'm going to do it. I must kick this football. I know no fear. Fear is the mind killer..."

LUCY: "You're not afraid are you, Charlie Brown? ...I sense much fear in you, Charlie Brown."

0151-80151-08 (lost: l26c148.jpg)
CHARLIE BROWN: "Why can't I have a normal dog like everyone else? Well, what have you been up to, old pal? Another bombing mission? They sure keep you busy these days." (Charlie Brown gives Snoopy his supper.)
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

CHARLIE BROWN: "Fighter pilots can't just go bombing Russkies on an empty stomach."

0151-90151-09 (lost: l26c149.jpg)
CHARLIE BROWN: "Here's the World War III flying ace on a bombing run over Stalingrad. He steels his nerves and goes in the attack, as defensive anti-aircraft fire crackles all around him. He must aim his tactical nuclear bombs with the utmost precision. Just then he sees the telltale crimson glint in the sky above. Yes, it's his old nemesis: the legendary ace of aces, The Russian Colonel Vladimir Baranov. The Red Baron. Our hero darts and dodges the first cannon strafe. The G-forces tug at his face like pliers on silly putty. He returns fire into the empty Russian sky as depleted-uranium shells tear into his jet fighter. He's been hit! Curse you, Red Baron!"
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

0151-100151-10 (lost: l26c150.jpg)
LUCY: "I'm not going to be in a scene with your stupid dog, Charlie Brown." (Snoopy licks Lucy)
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

LUCY: "Auugh! I've been kissed by a capitalist dog! I've got rabies! I've got radiation poisoning! Someone get disinfectant! Someone get the Communist Manifesto!"

0151-11 (lost: l26c151.jpg), 0151-12 (lost: l26c152.jpg).
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

LINUS: "I'll tell you what Armageddon is all about, Charlie Brown. Lights, please! ...And when the Lamb opened one of the seals, there was the noise of thunder. Behold, a white horse: and he that say on him had a crown and he went forth to conquer... That is what Armageddon is all about, Charlie Brown."

0151-130151-13 (lost: l26c154.jpg)
RADIO: "Mwanh mwanh mwanh mwanh. Mwanh mwanh mwanh mwanh mwanh mwanh."
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

SALLY: "Missiles?"

LUCY: "Coming here?"

SALLY: "Hold me, Sweet Babboo."

0151-140151-14 (lost: l26c155.jpg)
CHARLIE BROWN: "I think we're dead. Are we dead? How are we supposed to know?"
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

LINUS: "There's no way we could have survived that, Charlie Brown."

0151-150151-15 (lost: l26c156.jpg)
CHARLIE BROWN: "You know, it's funny, being dead. It's just like being alive, isn't it? ... So what are we supposed to do now?"
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

LINUS: "Well, there's only one thing left to do, Charlie Brown."

CHARLIE BROWN - Michael Reed; LINUS VAN PELT - Shawn Crosby; LUCY VAN PELT - Colleen Kennedy; SCHROEDER - Mike Donahue; SALLY BROWN - Colleen Crosby; SNOOPY - Pat Mannion.

(Who are the ladies at the telephone table? Captions needed! )

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