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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Lynn Maudlin, Liane Dienhart, Jace Foss for caption help on this page.

0145-1, Maria0145-01 (lost: l26c061.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez in Room 666 on Saturday morning. [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

0145-2, Corsican Sisters0145-02
The Corsican Sisters: Philistina D'Morte, Barracuda D'Morte. [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

0145-3, Lynn, Tony, Emily0145-03
Lynn Baden (one of Connie's Flock of Sheep), Tony Benoun, Emily Christensen ("Miss Em of Correllia") at the Registration desk. In the background, David Keller (green shirt) and Deanna Bayless (light blue shirt, long hair). [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

jon stevens posts on our message board: "i found this place when i was doing a search for the incorrigible ms em of correlia and there she was; rolling her eyeballs at the heavens. . . i never did figure out how to send an instant message!-)" (06-Jun-2001)

0145-40145-04 (lost: l26c065.jpg)
Pat Lawrence at Registration. David Keller and Deanna Bayless in background. [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

0145-50145-05 (lost: l26c066.jpg)
Becky Thomson talking to Drew Sanders in the foyer. Drew Sanders is dressed as the comic book character "The Shade" in a costume [designed and constructed by Kathy Sanders]. Tom Veal is at the Chicon 2000 table on the right. [Chaz]
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(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

"Jesse "Chain" Campbell" in the Dealers Room. T-shirt: "I'm smiling because they haven't found the bodies yet." [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

Romulans Darren Muir and Kenne Hoffman at Registration, talking to Pat Lawrence and Colleen Crosby. [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

Pat Lawrence with a blue tongue. DragonMarsh has this "candy coal" that they sell, it's cinnamon flavored and looks like small lumps of black coal. It turns your teeth and tongue blue, though. Colleen Crosby and Tony Benoun in background. [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

Kathy Sanders (Ferengi) and Kate Morgenstern (one of Connie's Flock of Sheep) talk in the hotel lobby. On the right sits Mike Glyer with Lynn Maudlin in a magenta shirt, no doubt awaiting Diana. [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

0145-100145-10 (lost: l26c071.jpg)
Mike Glyer talking to Lynn Maudlin in the lobby. [Chaz]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

0145-110145-11 (lost: l26c072.jpg)
Lynn Baden (one of Connie's Flock of Sheep), and Chaz Boston Baden enjoy a meal at the Daily Grill. [Pat]
(Saturday 27-Nov-1999)

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