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Ice Cream Social: "Hell Freezes Over"

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Steve Moss for caption help on this page.

0137-1, Ed Green0137-01 (lost: l26b058.jpg)
Ed Green, vice chair. [Anastasia]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-2, Kim, Valentina0137-3, Valentina
0137-02 (lost: l26p032.jpg), 0137-03.
Kim Bergdahl, a lesser demon, and Valentina Bauer-Landes, the Devil With a Blue Dress On. [Pat]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-4, Chaz, Larry0137-04 (lost: l26p034.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, Lesser Demon in Charge of Ice Cream Social, gives instructions to Larry Niven ("Dante") on what to do with the sin stickers. [Pat]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-5, Sundance0137-05 (lost: l26p035.jpg)
Sundance in the foreground enjoys his ice cream while looking over his shoulder at the photogapher. Steve Moss (celtic knotwork cloak) looks on. Sue Dawe is behind Steve. [Pat]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-60137-06 (lost: l26b008.jpg)
Steve Moss (celtic knotwork cloak) talking to IMAW. [Anastasia]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-70137-07 (lost: l26p036.jpg)
Steve Moss talks to "IMAW", the Didgeridoo Dude. [Pat]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-8, Enigma Kazoos0137-9, Enigma Kazoo Band
0137-08 (lost: l26p037.jpg), 0137-09.
Mike Donahue (in the blue shirt), Michael Reed (yellow shirt with flowers), Colleen Crosby (pink shirt with geometric pattern), and Colleen Kennedy (yellow flowered shirt) and Shawn Crosby (blue flowered shirt) are the Kazoo Band in Hell. In the first shot, they are performing "Hava Nagila" and dancing the hora. In the second shot, they are joined by and "IMAW" on Great Bass Kazoo, and the Kazoo Band is humming "We're not worthy! We're not worthy!" through their kazoos. [Pat]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-100137-10 (lost: l26p039.jpg)
Sue Dawe in her Jedi robes enjoys her ice cream (while smirking?) and IMAW's eyes get real big while he plays the Great Australian Bass Kazoo. [Pat]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

0137-110137-11 (lost: l26p040.jpg)
Sue Dawe on the left, Paula Green in blue jeans, Steve Moss, and David Joiner ("Talin") with his back turned to us. [Pat]
(Friday 26-Nov-1999)

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