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0134-01, 0134-02 (lost: 054-sue.jpg), 0134-03 (lost: 059-sue.jpg), 0134-04 (lost: 060-sue.jpg).
Sue Dawe took her flamingo, and used red curb-striping paint on it. She then took black enamel paint, and started decorating it. She also took some Sculpy and moulded little horns to put on the bird.

0134-05 (lost: 062sue_darth_maulingo.jpg), 0134-06 (lost: 067sue_darth_maulingo.jpg), 0134-07 (lost: 071-sue.jpg), 0134-08 (lost: 073sue_darth_maulingo.jpg), 0134-09 (lost: 074sue_darth_maulingo.jpg), 0134-10 (lost: 076sue_darth_maulingo.jpg), 0134-11 (lost: 082sue_darth_maulingo.jpg), 0134-12 (lost: 085sue_darth_maulingo_w-earring.jpg), 0134-13 (lost: 086sue_darth_maulingo_w-earring.jpg).
Sue was making a flamingo version of Darth Maul, from Phantom Menace. She carefully copied the head tattoo pattern from fan magazine photos, and invented something appropriate for the body and feathers. She also decided it needed horns on the body as well as the head. And she even had a little gold earstud to put on the head. She spent most of the afternoon with the bird on her lap, thinking about what else she should do to it.

0134-14 (lost: 089sue_darth_maulingo.jpg), 0134-15 (lost: 095-sue.jpg), 0134-16 (lost: 096sue_darth_maulingo_closeup.jpg), 0134-17 (lost: 097sue_darth_maulingo.jpg).
The result was a knockout. In the first shot, you can see her showing it to Shawn Crosby, Monalisa Ward, and Jeff Bergdahl. In the last picture, she and I are just standing around, admiring it.

This is the end of the Flamingo Party photos. There were other people [including Pat Lawrence, Richard Foss, Jace Foss, and most of the Foss-ettes] and other flamingos. You haven't even seen Colleen's "Queen Flamidala" creation. And I eventually did do a flamingo. The story will be continued in our "NASFiC Art Show" pictures. (The 1999 NASFiC (Conucopia) was held in Anaheim that summer, and I rented a full table for 3-D Art display space.)

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