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0130-01 (lost: 030monalisa_and_dorothy_creating.jpg), 0130-02 (lost: 031monalisa_flmgo.jpg), 0130-03 (lost: 038monalisa_and_shawn_flmgo.jpg), 0130-04 (lost: 069monalisa_flamingo.jpg), 0130-05 (lost: 090monalisa_flmgo.jpg).
Monalisa Ward brought her beads, feathers, and other doodads, and is embellishing her bird within an inch of its life. By the time she's through, it'll have a hat with a working whirlygig and "BIRD OF LOVE" spelled out in beads on the brim, along with lots of beads and of course the pink and purple feathers. (In the first shot, you can also see Dorothy Bullard with her pastel-feathered bird, and a bit of Kim Bergdahl sitting on the couch. In the second shot, Jocelyn Baden is on the left holding "Baby Jane" while Dorothy Bullard kneels with her back to the camera, Ed Green is in the background on the couch, and at the left rear Sue Dawe is sitting in front of the sliding glass doors. In the third picture, Dorothy's arm is working on the pastel feathers, and Shawn Crosby's arm is working on the Termaflingo. In the fourth photo, Maria(?) is facing into the dining room.)

0130-60130-06 (lost: 093table_w-monalisa_flmgo.jpg)
The display table. Front row has Monalisa's Bird of Love (later renamed Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert) in front, with Shawn Crosby's Termaflingo, Santa de Flamingo, Sugar Magnolia (yellow beak, lots of beads on the neck), and Slowest of the Flock (aluminum foil). In the back you'll find Darth Mingo, Giddy-Up!, Baby Jane (with glasses and ringlets), part of Frankenmingo (painted black), Space Flamingo, Loch Ness Mingo (on the table), and Bunny Angel.

0130-07 (lost: 004jocelyn_flamingo.jpg), 0130-08 (lost: 034jocelyns_flamingo.jpg), 0130-09 (lost: 048table_w-jocelyn_and_dad_flmgo.jpg).
Jocelyn Baden (my mom) has decorated hers as "Baby Jane." In the middle shot, you can see Jeff Bergdahl working in the background. In the last picture, you can see "Darth Mingo" [Wil Baden's creation, with incense-cone horns and a long black cloak], and "Space Flamingo" by Blars. You can also see the green "Loch Ness Mingo" lying on the table (lower right corner).

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