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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0123-10123-01 (lost: lizm0019.jpg)
Liz Mortensen exhaling at LASFS (Nov. 1999). In the background: Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink (in black) talking to Mary Jane Jewell.

0123-20123-02 (lost: epelz20.jpg)
Loscon 26 concom milling around at LASFS (Nov. 1999). Bruce Pelz in background on left, the back of Liz Mortensen's head, Ed Green behind Tony Benoun in the hat, Rebecca Barber laughing, and the back of someone's head on the far right.
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0123-30123-03 (lost: bruce21.jpg)
Patrick Beckstead's head, Selina Phanara's can of soda, Bruce Briant squatting on the concrete, Ed Green walking behind him (in blue jeans), at LASFS (Nov. 1999).

0123-40123-04 (lost: burns22.jpg)
Stan Burns sets up a shot of the Loscon 26 concom at LASFS (Nov. 1999).

0123-50123-05 (lost: cherr23.jpg)
Fuzzy Niven and Dennis Cherry walk in front of Stan Burns at LASFS (Nov. 1999).

0123-60123-06 (lost: green24.jpg)
Loscon 26 concom and others milling around at LASFS (Nov. 1999). Colleen Crosby listening to Christian B. McGuire, Jerry Gobler (?) sitting a table, Greg Bilan in the foreground in a Loscon hat, Ed Green in center, Stan Burns behind him waiting to take the picture, and the back of Liz Mortensen's head on the right.

0123-70123-07 (lost: green25.jpg)
Mike "Tiny" Korp, Ed Green, a non-LASFSian with a bottle, and Stan Burns's elbow. Colleen and Shawn's heads in the lower foreground left. at LASFS (Nov. 1999).

0123-80123-08 (lost: l26com.jpg)
Some of the Loscon 26 concom at LASFS (Nov. 1999). Rebecca Barber's neck in foreground. Shawn Crosby at far left, Dennis Cherry between him and Diana, Diana Dougherty in white shirt on left, Kristine Cherry behind her with big smile, Colleen Crosby with a red bow in her hair, Mike Stern next, Michael Mason behind him talking to Tony Benoun in hat, Stacey Hallman (redhead), Fuzzy Niven with her hand in front of her face, and Brett Achorn.

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