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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0122-10, Tadao
Tadao Tomomatsu at a LASFS meeting, modeling part of the costume for the play to be held at Conucopia. [Photo by Pat Lawrence]

0122-11, Shaun Lyon
0122-11 (lost: pshaun3.jpg)
Shaun Lyon at a LASFS meeting. [Photo by Pat Lawrence]

0122-1, Cathy
0122-01 (lost: cathy01.jpg)
Cathy Beckstead, Scott Beckstead at Solley's (Sep-1999).

0122-2, Christian
0122-02 (lost: cbbm01.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire, flanked by Liz Mortensen and Pat Lawrence (out of focus) at Solley's (Sep-1999).

0122-3, Liz
0122-03 (lost: liz02.jpg)
Liz Mortensen, with Greg Barrett in background, at LASFS (Sep-1999).

0122-40122-50122-04, 0122-05.
Mona Martinez at Solley's (Sep-1999).

0122-7, Meat
0122-07 (lost: deli01.jpg)
A meaty display at the deli counter in Solley's (Sep-1999).

0122-8, Selina
0122-08 (lost: selina3.jpg)
Selina Phanara at LASFS (Nov. 1999).

0122-9, Christian
0122-09 (lost: cbbm08.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire on the couch, talking to Selina Phanara (foreground left) at LASFS (Nov. 1999).

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