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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0121-1, Ken0121-01 (lost: lasfs10.jpg)
Ken Porter at Solley's (Mar-1999).

0121-3, Len0121-03 (lost: lasfs12.jpg)
Len Wein at Solley's (Mar-1999).

0121-2, Craig0121-02 (lost: lasfs11.jpg)
Len Wein, Craig Miller at Solley's (Mar-1999).

0121-4, Ulrika0121-04 (lost: lasfs13.jpg)
Ulrika O'Brien at Solley's (Mar-1999).

0121-5, Ed0121-05
Edward Hooper at Solley's (Mar-1999).

0121-6, Dan0121-06 (lost: lasfs15.jpg)
Dan McCarthy at Solley's (Mar-1999).

0121-07 (lost: lasfs16.jpg), 0121-08 (lost: lasfs17.jpg).
Karen Stampley at Solley's (Mar-1999).

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