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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0092-01 (lost: pcolln2.jpg)
Colleen Crosby sewing up a frilly sock for her "Madonna" costume. [Photo by Pat Lawrence]

0092-2, Shawn Crosby0092-3, Shawn Crosby0092-4, Shawn Crosby
0092-02, 0092-03, 0092-04.
Shawn Crosby at the office Holiday Lunch. (Dec-1999)

0092-5, Lynn
0092-05 (lost: wives5.jpg)
Lynn Baden at the office Holiday Lunch. (Dec-1999)

0092-6, Stormtrooper0092-7, Stormtrooper
0092-06, 0092-07 (lost: troop2.jpg).
Shawn Crosby admiring a Storm Trooper at "Manga House" (or something like that), Irvine Spectrum Center. (Dec-1999)

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