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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0070-10070-01 (lost: windy019.jpg)
Kathleen Meyer, David Lee Anderson, Joan Palfi (Con Suite) in red, "Bear" (Chuck) behind counter.
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(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

After the staff banquet on Thursday night, the con suite was open to the general membership. [Joan Palfi and her mom, Fern Palfi, agreed to bring a hot plate, a saucepan, and a four-cup glass measure the next day to help me with my party preperation.]

0070-20070-02 (lost: windy020.jpg)
Leah Smith, Alex Eisenstein. Leah offered use of a crockpot - actually a hot pot cooker, the kind with the plug-in thermostat element which can be used as a deep fryer. I've been on Leah and Dick's mailing list forever, or at least fifteen years anyway.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-30070-03 (lost: windy021.jpg)
Jon Stopa (carrying envelope), Phyllis Eisenstein, Dick Smith
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-40070-04 (lost: windy022.jpg)
Marcy Lyn-Waitsman, Barry Lyn-Waitsman
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-60070-06 (lost: windy024.jpg)
Joel Zakem, Leah Smith. It turns out Joel had heard from a fourth cousin who he hadn't seen in ten years, and had arranged to meet him in Chicago on Friday. Joel offered to drive me, Lynn, and Mrs. Longyear (Regina) to the train station on Friday and we'd all take the train to Chicago. Unfortunately, even though they left without me when my shopping trip ran late, they didn't catch the train, and Joel ended up driving all of us into town himself. Thanks, Joel, it was very thoughtful and we all appreciated it.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-50070-05 (lost: windy023.jpg)
Randy Kaempen; Joel Zakem at lower left, Leah Smith. Randy is in charge of the Chicon 2000 Registration database. Randy also offered use of two crockpots for me to cook 17-bean soup and Macaroni and Cheese in. Thanks, Randy! (I believe this photo is the first one I took where you can see one of those green "MET FGOH" ribbons.) at lower right
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-70070-07 (lost: windy025.jpg)
Lanny Waitsman. Lanny is Barry Lyn-Waitsman's brother.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-80070-08 (lost: windy026.jpg)
Rick Waterson (chair), Jonathan Stoltze (Voodoo Doctor). Jonathan was supposed to receive the materials to set up a Voodoo Message Board at Windycon. We talked briefly about whether he or Filthy Pierre would be doing the job for Chicon.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-90070-09 (lost: windy027.jpg)
Sydnie, Maria Rodriguez; Lynn Baden looking on. Remember I said Sydnie and Maria became friends? This scene is a momentary truce in a little ice cube battle they were waging in the Con Suite Bheer Room. (None of them drink beer, they were just hanging out.) at lower right looking on
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0070-100070-10 (lost: windy028.jpg)
Joan Palfi, "Demon" (Valerie Roberts)
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

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