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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0069-10069-01 (lost: windy011.jpg)
Barry Lyn-Waitsman (last year's FGOH), John Donat. Barry, who (with his wife Marcy) had been FGOH last year, explained that they had a bunch of "MET FGOH" ribbons that they handed out to everyone they met. He asked if I'd like to continue the tradition. They'd been given 500 ribbons the year before and had some left at the end of the con.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0069-20069-02 (lost: windy012.jpg)
Rick Waterson, chair. Rick had e-mailed me at the beginning of the year inviting me to be the Fan Guest of Honor. I agreed, and later on I took a look at the Windycon web page where it said:
Welcome to the WindyCon XXVI Web Page! As we stand on the cusp of a new millennium, it seems right that we should recognize the technology that Science Fiction dreamed of and Science made reality.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

The best example of that technology is right here, in the Internet and the world wide web. The personal information terminal made its appearance in Science Fiction of the 1940's and was considered impossible fiction by the readers of that time, yet here we are, sitting in our living rooms connected to the world. Join us this year for the Techno WindyCon as we explore the technology and magic of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is virtually indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke

(Rick Waterson)

Later I learned that Rick had invited me because of my contributions to fandom on the internet, especially the Science Fiction Resource Guide. Which is about what I'd deduced when I looked at the Windycon web page.

0069-30069-03 (lost: windy013.jpg)
Sydnie, Michelle Donat. Sydnie and my stepdaughter Maria quickly became friends, and Syndie's mom took both of them to the mall on Friday. Thanks, Dina!
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0069-04 (lost: windy014.jpg), 0069-05 (lost: windy015.jpg).
Diane Blackwood, Bob Blackwood ("Doctor Bob"). Diane is the Publications Division head for Chicon 2000, and therefore my boss twice. I'm running the Chicon website, and I'll also be in charge of the Daily Newsletter at the 2000 Worldcon, and both of those departments are in the Publications Division. Diane had agreed to give me a little tour of the Hyatt Regency Chicago, on Friday, before the convention started, as long as I was in town. We'd get to Chicago somehow, and I'd meet her at her office and we'd prowl the hotel. At the end of the day, she'd drive us back to Windycon.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0069-60069-06 (lost: windy016.jpg)
Raymond Cyrus, Dina Krause. Dina Krause is hotel liaison for Chicon 2000.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0069-70069-07 (lost: windy017.jpg)
Steven H Silver. Steven was in charge of Programming for Windycon, and is in charge of Chicon 2000's Program as well.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

0069-80069-08 (lost: windy018.jpg)
Pat Sayre-McCoy. Pat, bless her heart, offered to drive me to the local supermarket (Cub Foods) Friday morning, so I could buy supplies for my Saturday night party. She needed to buy food anyway, because she was assistant head of Green Room for Windycon and they needed fresh vegetables, bread and sandwich fixings, and various other stuff. Unfortunately, I neglected to tell her that I was working on getting a ride to downtown Chicago immediately after our shopping trip - if I'd realized we could have made an earlier start of it, it would have helped the rest of our group.
(Thursday 11-Nov-1999)

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