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0064-1, Pat with serape
Pat Lawrence and the Serape of Love. (Oct-1999)

0064-2, Pat with chunky hair
0064-02 (lost: pat023.jpg)
Pat Lawrence with a new haircut. (Dec-1999)

0064-3, Meaghan
0064-03 (lost: megn022.jpg)
Meaghan Stevenson, Pat's friend. (Dec-1999)

0064-04 (lost: candc.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden and Colleen Crosby, in the Engineering Dept. at Hirsch Electronics finishing up some business before the holiday break. [Photo by Patrick Chao]
(Friday 24-Dec-1999)

0064-5, Jim and co.0064-6, Jim and co.
0064-05 (lost: jimr01.jpg), 0064-06.
Jim Russell and friends at Hirsch. (Dec-1999)

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