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Gary Louie passed away in February, 1999. A memorial service was held at LASFS on 28-Feb-1999. Here are some of the people who attended.

0063-1, Marv Wolfman0063-01 (lost: gary44.jpg)
Marv Wolfman.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-2, Noel Wolfman0063-02 (lost: gary56.jpg)
Noel Wolfman.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-3, German Gonzalez0063-03 (lost: gary57.jpg)
German Gonzalez.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-4, Greg Bilan0063-04 (lost: gary58.jpg)
Greg Bilan.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-50063-05 (lost: gary59.jpg)
Rebecca Lilienfeld.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-6, Greg Barrett0063-06 (lost: gary60.jpg)
Greg Barrett.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-7, Charles Lee Jackson II0063-07 (lost: gary61.jpg)
Charles Lee Jackson II.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-8, Joyce Sperling0063-08 (lost: gary62.jpg)
Joyce Sperling.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-9, Mark Poliner and Ariel Reynante0063-09 (lost: gary64.jpg)
Mark Poliner and Ariel Reynante.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-10, Genny Dazzo, Lorien Gray, Grant David Brown0063-10 (lost: gary65.jpg)
Genny Dazzo, Name Withheld, Grant David Brown.
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

0063-11, LeAnna McGuire0063-11 (lost: gary66.jpg)
LeAnna McGuire (Christian's mom).
(Sunday 28-Feb-1999)

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